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We bring you spare parts for your vehicle when you need it most - breakdown, accident, or just parts replacement. We do it fast and easily so that you avoid keeping your vehicle idle, waiting for spares. We have our tie-ups with the best Auto Parts distributors who only stock & sell genuine parts from approved manufacturers. Our principals are spread everywhere so you are sure to get your part from the nearest point.


You can download our Android App AVS from Google Play store or you can also access our website from your desktop. We expect to support iPhone a bit later. You need to register on our site or through the APP in order to become our registered customer.


  • We have your information that helps in quick ordering of parts, and cashless payment.
  • You also get parts at lower than market price due to the special discounts that we extend excusively for our customers.
  • And you get speedy service through our logistics partner so you don't waste time waiting for the parts to arrive.
  • With our cashless payment options and financing from your favourite finance company, you can get your payment financed if you need.


Presently we only deal in parts for trucks and buses. Typically, the suppliers on our site would stock parts upto 15 years old by model. Sometimes parts of vehicles older than 15 years may be available.

We do not deal with commonly available parts like tyres, batteries, oil, wipers, lamps etc, as there are available almost everywhere. We also do not deal with any body parts. However if we really need help with these commonly available parts as well as an exception sometimes.

Our aim is to reduce downtime for the customer by getting them hard-to-get parts by the fastest means. The parts could be made by the truck company itself- like an axle arm or made by an authorized parts manufacturer like a Piston manufacturer or radiator manufacturer for the particular truck. The ‘bought-out’ parts could be available from a number of OEM vendors or from the truck manufacturer himself.

We look to locate the nearest or fastest provider of genuine spares. We do not deal with unauthorized or spurious parts. Presently our tie-up is with parts distributors who get the parts from parts companies approved by them or vehicle manufacturers. In the future, we will have more partners and a wide source base.


We only facilitate a transaction, acting as a bridge between you and the part you need in the fastest possible time and price. The parts distributor provides us the part, and we sell it to you, after adding other necessary cost towards logistics and our services.

We do not guarantee a product nor provide any warranty ourselves. These are provided by the manufacturer as part of their business process.

We also work actively with you or your driver if need be to identify the correct part number. For this we have specialized operators who have many years of experience in vehicle servicing, who can talk to you and work out the part number you need.

With the information provided by you we work with our multiple part partners to find the part you need closest to you and once you have confirmed the price and delivery period and made the payment either through the payment gateway or through your preferred financier. Once this is done, the parts are picked up and delivered to you, just like an E-Commerce company.

We have set up a call center to register you and get your vehicle details during the first call. This helps us to serve you quickly, and you need not repeat your information when you are in a hurry to order. We also have a phone number you can call for free, and our service executives will pick up your call and ensure you get the required parts. We provide you with a tracking number so you can track your items and you can call us anytime for assistance till you get your part.


We have well known Logistics companies as our partners, who is present all over India. We also have a backup carrier in case the first company cannot deliver to your location. They can collect the item from the supplier & deliver it to you. They are geared to deliver your item at your doorstep. Shipping choices and time to deliver can vary depending on:

  • - Size of the product and also the weight of the item
  • - Your location
  • - Made to Order products (in case of stockout)
  • - Stock availability
  • - Your urgency

Small items can be couriered or sent by airfreight if needed. Larger items may not be suitable for airfreight (say axle assembly or propeller shaft) and they may have to be sent by truck. While a dedicated truck or van may be expensive, this cuts down on the downtime of your vehicle. Delivery time will depend on the weight, distance and urgency. You will be given the shipping choices available, with time and cost information. We expect our system to find the nearest available location for the part, so most of the time it should be a day or two. Large items at a far location can take up to 10 days. But in all cases, we will be faster than the normal parts delivery time you get otherwise.


Once the order is confirmed by you, we will send you an order confirmation with a Logistics tracking number if the item is ready for immediate dispatch. Else, the tracking number will follow once item is ready for dispatch. Using the tracking number, you can directly track the item on our website or in the APP under pending orders for delivery. You can also call us to get the information. The order confirmation will have information on the logistics company / courier and the approximate time to reach.


A lot will depend on correct product identification and we need your co-operation from you in identifying the part. A part will mostly have a part number etched or stamped on it. This number could be the vendor’s number or the vehicle manufacturer’s number if it is made by them. Bought-out items may have only the vendor part number, and our internal system will try & identify alternate sources.

Sometimes you may not find a part number at all or it is not fully visible. In such a case, please enter the dialogue box to describe the item accurately and also upload a photo. It is also possible that the part is not part of the Electronic Parts catalogue of the manufacturer. In such a case, the search, identification and confirmation process becomes manual.

In order to enable our customers in identifying the part that tey need we have employed a team of automobile experts who will guide you in identifying and selecting the right part.

However we will need yours and your personnel (namely your driver's cooperation in providing us with the necessary information to enable our agents to understand and help you with the ordering. Hence, once you have confirmed the order and made the payment you accept full responsibility for the order placed and subsequent return of the part will be done subject to our our returns policy. Please refer our returns policy for further details. Click here for our Returns & Refund policy.

Warranty is provided by the manufacturer, and in turn passed on by the parts distributor and we pass this on to you. Typically you should not have any issues except for manufacturing defects, which are rare. Please refer our warranty policy for further details. Click here for our warranty policy.


It depends if the item is in stock. We expect legislation that will limit use of vehicles only up to 15 years. When that happens, the stocks may disappear. We also believe that demand will be mostly for vehicles between 3 and 15 years, due to commercial reasons and warranty clauses. However with AVS you will have the best possible chance in the country to find the part for your 20 year old vehicle.


We are a bunch of people who have a lot of experience in the truck & bus business. The promoters have designed, built and serviced vehicles at Ashok Leyland and other major commercial vehicle companies. They also have a lot of international experience at very senior levels in IT, telecom and finance, and have been responsible for very large projects in these areas.

The company has leaders in the industry as partners in component distribution, vehicle servicing and in vehicle finance.

Our logistics partners service customers all across India.

Our bankers provide a payment gateway that allows you a lot of choice in payments: net banking on your phone using your account; wallet payment; credit & debit cards; UPI payments etc.