Auto Value Systems

Auto Value Systems (AVS) is a first-of-its-kind, technology-based solution to keep your vehicle running with minimum downtime by instantly sourcing and delivering genuine spare parts wherever you need them!

The founding team of AVS has strong connections within the auto industry, ensuring close partnership and cooperation across decision levels. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, AVS offers unbeatable value proposition by making the availability of genuine OEM parts faster, cheaper and better.

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How does it work?

Ask for the parts you want through the APP
or simply call.

AVS locates the parts nearest to you
and reaches it you!

Your vehicle is back on road!


AVS – Your friend in need

Auto Value Systems has tie-ups with major parts suppliers and logistics partner that can reach out to various locations across the country. And, with our e-commerce platform, we make it happen – and save money, time and unwanted headache to the truck owner.

Auto Value Systems helps you find a part that is:

With AVS, you get the parts faster than the usual means of going around, ordering, paying and waiting. This means you save time and therefore money! No more long VOR downtime.

With AVS, you save more because we have tie-ups with the best Auto Parts sources and we pass on the benefits from this directly to you!

With AVS, you get a better deal because you don't have to settle for low-quality parts because you are in a hurry. You get genuine parts from India's best component manufacturing companies.

We have tied up with your favourite finance company to finance your parts needs paperless.