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Using AVS - As simple as 1-2-3

Ask for the parts you want through the APP
or simply call.

AVS locates the parts nearest to you
and reaches it you!

Your vehicle is back on road!

How do you benefit?

Get permanent solution

Replace the parts required with original, genuine spares and not with temporary solutions!

Get genuine spare parts

No more worries on account of quality
or further breakdowns!

Minimize downtime

Get the required genuine spare parts located and delivered to your vehicle quickly to put the vehicle back on road!

Increase business profits

Less downtime and less maintenance costs means more money saved, leading to increased profits!

Less worries, more business

Rely on our industry experience, partnership with major parts suppliers and tie-up with logistics partner that can deliver to various locations across India! Focus on expanding your business and leave the rest to us!

Your one-stop online shop for
genuine OEM spare parts
for trucks and buses!